Second Life News 2014-27


There are no server roll outs this week, main or RC. Things will continue as last week. The RC’s apparently didn’t do all that great and improvements are being devised. We won’t see those hit until next week.

Server-Scripting-Content UG 2014-27

Server-Scripting-Content UG 2014-27

For holidays there is a no change window that comes into play. No one has said that is happening, but I suspect.


Not much change since last week. The main viewer is the SL Sharing version 3.7.10-291134, no change since last week and likely no change until after the Holiday. 

RC Viewers

There is only one: Snowstorm Viewer version This is the open source additions coming into SL.

Project Viewers

Project Group Ban Viewer version – self explanatory.

Project OculusRift Viewer version – also self explanatory.


Firestorm remains the most stable viewer.

Most TPV’s have only received minor bug fixes this past week. So, little to say there.


Friday is 4th of July holiday in the USA. This is a really big party day. People generally have pool parties and BBQ’s starting in the afternoon and going until 9PM, after dark, and then fireworks. Hopefully we won’t burn California down. We are so dry.

Second Life 1.0 Discussion

Oz and Peter will be at the Firestorm Q&A tomorrow. We may get some new news. But, I suspect it will be an iteration of what we have already heard. I think Oz will mostly be listening to get suggestions and a feel for the users’ interests.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2014-27

  1. ”Most TPV’s have only received minor bug fixes this past week. So, little to say there.”

    The Cool VL Viewer has got an important new feature implemented (as of last Saturday’s releases): group ban support.

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