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Goofing around with my new phone I decided to check out CreatorVerse. I tend to have a problem with the permissions I have to hand out to load some apps. Since January 2013 it has become illegal to root a smart phone. So, I am not allowed to control my phone. You cannot do as you want with a phone you purchase. Gotta love big government that is in the pocket of special interests… Whatever.

Check out this permission on the Android app CreatorVerse:

CreatorVerse Permissions

CreatorVerse Permissions

If you get a Linden’s attention and can get an answer about this, you will likely find out there is a reason for needing this permission so that CreatorVerse can connect to its user base and possibly other social networks. Of course the Lab would never collect all your other account information or misuse it. At least something similar is what ESET told me when I asked about why they needed access to my contacts list for their free anti-virus program. We are just supposed to trust they won’t do what the app’s permissions allow them to do.

Each of us has to decide how much we can trust corporations. Especially after the Snowden leaks have lead to revealing Google’s, RSA’s, and Microsoft’s involvement with NSA when the most transparent administration ever has won more Pinocchios this year and has more people and agencies under simultaneous investigation than any other administration in history. So, I’m not feeling overly trusting.

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  1. It’s not illegal to jailbreak an iphone, but it’s illegal to root an android smartphone or tablet ? That’s strange.

    • Since January 2013 it is illegal, mostly. The details are here:

  2. Another thing. There is nothing to improve on Second Life that Linden has time to concentrate on a game like Patterns which has really no interest ( at least for me :)). I’ve read statistics on Daniel Voyager website showing that private region number was going lower each year. I guess it doesn’t mean that Second Life is a big success these days, don’t you think ? And when I look at the prices of the sims and the fact that it is nearly impossible to know which hardware you get for this price, I understand.

    • We have heard the Lindens say the Patterns team is a separate group within the Lab. The hints, bits and pieces from here and there from various Lindens is staff was not pulled from SL to work on Patterns, CreatorVerse, Dio, Blocksworld, or other projects.

      To determine success one really needs to define the term. Linden Lab’s cash cow is SL and it brings in a multi-million dollar income annually. Since the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 the majority businesses have been in a down turn or failing. A few have prospered. That the Lab has remained profitable and added employees during this time would seem to be a measure of some success.

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