#SL Fixes Purchase Delivery

A JIRA was filed, WEB-4260SLM deliveries consistently delayed in early morning hours. It raised some heat. Darrius wrote in his blog about it: Slow Spiral Into Demise. Forum conversation picked up and some bloggers picked up on the problem. I wrote about it in: #SL Market Place Woes.

It seems the commotion got some action. Zanara Zenovka noticed a change and posted about it in: Shock! Horror! Instant deliveries?

Whatever was delaying early morning deliveries seems to have been fixed. In my previous article I speculated that WEB-4260 might not be fixed as it would take people away from the Direct Delivery project. Seems they either decided to give WEB-4260 some love while depriving DD or had other people available. We’ll likely never know which.

This fix should make the European users and all the merchants much happier.



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