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I suspect most of you know Linden Realms opened to the general public in Second Life. If you have been to a Realm you may have noticed new features. Teleporting has changes in that you walk into a Portal and it will teleport you into the game. This is a teleport on collision feature. It is a feature we have in OpenSim scripting. It is coming to Second Life. Exactly when or how it will work is unclear. The Lindens are considering how the feature can be used by griefers and how they may limit its abuse.

Linden Realm Game Portal

There is all so the HUD that attaches automatically. Many of us are pretty sure we do not want mall owners attaching shopping HUD’s to us when we visit a mall. So, the auto-attach HUD feature is also being considered in terms of griefing.

There are also auto-run animations. Obviously those can be used by griefers to be annoying. So, those have to be considered in terms of griefing.

In OSGrid these types of scripting features are limited to land owners. The one setting up the simulator can turn them on and off and give specific avatars or groups the ability to use the functions. We may see that in SL. But, land ownership in SL is more complex than in OSGrid. Also the number of people searching for ways to abuse the features is far less in OpenSim grids.

There are also possibilities for more spam from auto-attaching HUD’s. Think of the Facebook games your friends play that spam you. We have to turn those off. The Lindens want to avoid something like that in SL. So, we may have white and black lists for games in SL to control what can and cannot attach.

The idea of an ‘experience’ permission similar to ‘Wants to animate your avatar’ permission request is being considered. When you accept, then TP’s, HUD’s and animations can attach and run without further permissions.

The base idea is to create a decision and permission process that is easy for new users. Some discussion is going on about implied consent rather than a popup, like walking into the portal.


While there are new features coming the griefer factor has to be considered and handled. The group making the features and deciding how to handle griefing possibilities is hidden away. They have no user group nor an office hour. So, there is no way to provide feedback or gain understanding the reasons for Linden decisions. This development process has lead Lindens into false starts, implementation problems, and PR problems in the past. So, I would expect to see similar problems plague the addition of these features. But, eventually we’ll get something.

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  1. > Many of us are pretty sure we do not want mall owners attaching shopping HUD’s to us when we visit a mall.

    but… why?

    if the mall owner griefs you or otherwise does things to annoy you – why don’t you simply leave? there is nothing stopping mall owners from showering you with a flock of penises, either. But typically they don’t do such things because it hurts their business.

    and then imagine all the good things an auto mall HUD could give you.


    • can say same other way

      if u can deny an auto-attach hud then responsible shop owner not going to auto insta teleport u out either. irresponsible one prob will tho if u decline their awesomness. responsible shop owner will also give u option to attach hud anyways, can be scripted to do that

      so altogether seems like a waste of time and money for ll to make a capability that only irresponsible ppl going to use

      • The Lindens are thinking about how to provide the capabilities and keep them out of the hands of griefers. Science most greifing is done by anonymous throw-away avatars it may work best to start limiting the use of some functions to premium members.

        There is also the idea of using Land Impact cost to control the use of the new features. Whether that would have much effect on griefers is debatable.

        Qarl made a good point about merchants use of auto-attach HUD’s and you have expanded on it. I think the same logic applies to other new features which is part of your point. Responsible use of these features is likely from mall and shop owners. Customers get to decide if the use is reasonable and responsible. The free market will sort out those uses of the new features. This means the problem is how to deal with the griefers.

        The subject of how much time Lindens spend considering griefer issues came up in Andrew Linden’s Friday meeting. The comment was made that it is a HUGE time sink.

        It should be interesting to see what the Lindens come up with in regard to these new functions. Since they are currently working prototypes, it will be some time before we see their solution.

  2. More than once going into Linden Realms in Beta, the HUD either never appeared or appeared much, much later. The one time I went in after Linden Realms was released to the public, the HUD never did appear though I know I got credit because I was able to cash out the crystals I had worked on in Beta. Most times in the Beta I saw few if any others on the sim and the one time after release I was in an instance with several people. I did not really have any lag while there and everything rezzed quickly but I never saw the HUD the entire time.

    • Others have run into HUD problems too. It is an experiment and all the new stuff is a prototype. So, problems are to be expected.

      I’ve only been in once. My viewer has been running slow. I hope to get a faster version. May be then I can escape the rock monsters.

  3. i been playing on the realms quite a lot since the start. more i play then more can see how can be applied to all sorts of cool stuff and new ways. i also been thinking about the greifs u could do and what is best way to deal with them without break all the ways legit builders can use them

    hud just needs to use the normal permission request to attach. can do that ok bc the hud is given to u before it can attach. like u the owner of it

    seems like the hud can autodelete when u detach using normal lsl. if u deny attach then hud maker can just autodelete. if not then it just ends up in ur inventory and u can trash it like normal

    permission request to attach is most important issue. was chat to a lady on other forum bout that. i was just think about normal greifs up to then. she say will be really bad if random ppl can auto attach full screen body parts to her viewer. that be quite sickening if she not able to prevent that kinda thing

    some ppl will maybe argue can just ar that kinda thing. but is some really gross out images and not just pr0n. like mutilated human and animal body parts. even ones like spiders and snakes can really make ppl ill if they have a phobia. full on strobe effects can put ppl with a epilipsy condition into hospital. stuff like that. ar not much use to u in them cases when u having a seizure on the floor already

    is not a biggie to have a perms request for attach hud. cant see any legit reason to not have it from operational pov. u can know if they not wearing the hud bc it not ack ur game server and u can offer hud again. the lr realms one works like that now

    is also scripted to autodetach any same hud scripts, so u not double them up even if they not in ur own hud prims. i already test that. i take the lr realms stuff out their hud and put in my own fake one. ll script so it remove my fake hud with their scripts in and replace with their legit hud when i arrive. when i put on my own fake hud again as well as their one then the scripts in it not do anything, like it not let me get double l$ credits. so that was cool

    portal teleport be best if is not a permission request and is a parcel setting, like no pushing

    be a bit silly if u was able to deny permission request for a insta teleport. will defeat purpose of it for rp. for weps games then will be way better to get insta teleport to the safe zone on sim when u get killed than be teleport home like now

    if is parcel setting then can just turn all off in public sandboxes, infohubs and shops. so cant shoot random ppl with portal guns. or wear a portal kicker and use like brash on no rez newbie places. on private parcel then can allow all or group or just owner scripts to portal teleport. if is all or nothing then not be much good. bc greifas can come and random shoot everyone to anywheres if is only all

    on other side tho if u in a shop and is a portal that says “shoes” and u walk in it and system always gives u a perms request dialog saying do u really want to do that, then will get really annoying after like the first one time bc already said yes by walk into it. so that not good either

    is poss to make auto attach-detach a parcel setting as well. not sure how well that can work tho bc hud can have all kinds of scripts in not just for that one rp sim. like a grid explorer where u passing thru some hud-enabled sims and some not. be a deal breaker if u had to cross a linden road and ur hud got autodetached bc of a no-hud parcel setting

    so parcel setting for portal teleport script function is best altogether i think. insta teleport a sim function, like push is, so that can stop any script doing that. not just ones in a game hud

    only other cap i think necessary, is need to restrict range on insta teleport on serverside to proper normal xyz coords. so that u not make a mistake in ur script and person end up at – or + a zillion and crash them

    based on what i learn so far by playing on the game, i think just those 3 caps: attach permission for huds, portal teleport parcel settings and trap to sensible xyz and will all be ok

    they not unreasonable i dont think

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