Adult Estate Owners Meeting

An Open Invitation has gone out to Adult Estate Owners for a 1 PM PT/SLT Saturday meeting, 2011/10/22. The meeting will be facilitated by the Zindra Expo Group.

The Zindr Expo Group asks that you please spread the word!

The meeting is for all Adult Estate owners in SL. Also all residents that are age verified as adult are welcome.

The primary purpose of the meeting is to connect with estate and other land owners with an interest in Adult Content. Zindra residents, and residents with an interst in Adult Content, have a voice. But estate and land owners special interests are often overlooked in the general residents’ group. This is your opportunity as a land owner to connect with other land owners and form a group

For more information please IM or NC Ginette Pinazzo.

The meeting will be in-world in Distrel. This is a region requires Second Life Adult Age Verification.

Please get the word around. Thanks.

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