Ascent Viewer Released

Ascent Viewer

Ascent Viewer

A new release of this viewer comes out about once a week. The latest on the 13th. The download is about 44mb, so it is a larger than average viewer. The download is here: Download Ascent Viewer. The release notes are here: Ascent Viewer Release Notes.

The first couple of times I tried to start the viewer it crashed. Started opening then just vanished. I assume it was doing something with the cache that failed. Caches are problems for all the viewers. I have written lots of tips in other articles about problems that are solved by clearing the cache. Many can be prevented by creating separate caches for each viewer. So, I’m not surprised when a viewer crashes the first and second time it is started. 

The Ascent Viewer has two tabs with additional features, Ascent System and Ascent Vanity. Each has additional tabs.

  • Ascent System
    • General
    • Chat/IM
    • Performance
    • Command Line
    • Secuity
    • Building
  • Ascent Vanity
    • General
    • Colors
    • Body Dynamics (Boobie Bounce)

The viewer comes with a collection of skins.

The build menu has the Position, Size, and Rotation copy/paste feature, something way handy for builders. While I did not see any indicators of it the viewer does have Build Math. I think this is a big thing for any prim slinger. This is the feature that lets you use math in the various boxes in the Build Dialog. If I want to reduce a prim by exactly half and it is 9.4376m with Build Math I can enter /2 at the end of the number and press enter. The math will divide it by 2. Way handy.

The viewer has both Quit and Logout. Logout basically closes the view and then restarts it.

The viewer has all the basic features of Imprudence and Phoenix. It is missing a grid manager.

In general a nice viewer.

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