Emerald Viewer’s Radar Icon Review

Over on Modular’s forum a member named ‘gench’ posted a list of the icons used in the radar along with their meanings. See: Radar Icons – What they mean.

As one reads down the thread they will find several posts expanding on the meaning of the icons and workings of the radar. For instance, one can tell when an AV is chatting by the green square that appears to the left of the name.

After reading through the thread I have the impression the coders have not completely implemented all their ideas. Or the code is some mix of ideas and changed ideas. Whatever, read through the thread.

Lag Rumors

There have been rumors the Emerald Viewer’s Radar causes lag. Since I play in combat sims I was interested in whether or not that was true. I looked at that in this post: Greenlife Emerald Viewer Review – Continued. The answer is; it depends. How one sets up Emerald and whether or not it is used to feed information to a HUD attachment determines if it adds lag. One can turn off the lag producing features.

Near the end of the post is information on the changes coming to Second Life (SL) regarding scripts in attachments. SIM owners are already looking at what they will need to do when script limits (like prim limits) are imposed by Linden Lab.

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