Grendel's Children

In Second Life Grendel’s is one of my favorite places to shop. The store floats over four sims and is filled with loads of avatars (AV) one can buy from free to a few hindered Linden. Yesterday NPIRL (Not Possible In Real Life) Bettina Tizzy posted an interview with Flea Bussy, owner and creator of Grendel’s, and a Machinima by Nitwacket showing some of the amazing AV’s.

Grendel’s Children Web Site

Grendel’s Children Store

The four sims below the store are filled with a hunt and role play area. Join Grendel’s forum for information on the RP.


Avarian & Compendium

Look for the Avarian Expedition and The Creature Compendium in the North East corner on the entrance level, between Pets and Homes. These kits allow one to participate in the quest for free shoulder animals and pets that takes place on the ground below the store. One can buy the shoulder animals for L$100. The two kits are L$30 each. So, finding one shoulder animal pays for the kits. The quest is part of the RP in the surface, or can be. The RP is not required. There are fun things to make and find on the surface. Not all of the fun stuff can be purchased. Plus finding and making (as in find metal and stones then bake in kiln to get jewelry – this is NOT SL prim style make) stuff is more fun than waiting around on lucky chairs.

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