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The GoMa Wiki

Most Myst-Uru-SL fans know that Myst for the iPhone was released. Also a new trouble ticket and knowledge base was opened by Cyan. Also, Cyan joined the Twitter world. Another Myst Style build is going up in the SL region Devokan. Eder D’Uru guild meetings officially started last week and D’ni language and building classes have been and are being taught in Eder D’Uru. But do you know the names of the fan created ages currently available for play using the DVD, stand alone Myst game Complete Chronicles or Path of The Shell? Or how many ages are actively being worked on? Are they in preliminary stages or nearly complete?

GoW Forum

GoW Forum

One can dig through the GoW and GoMa forums and glean that information. But new Myst iPhone fans coming into the MOUL forum have no clue all these various forums exist or who does what. Plus it is a huge amount of reading. Many fans from the ’03-’04 and ’07-’08 Myst Uru are unaware of all the ages that now exist too.

GoMa’s Dot thought it would be a good idea if we prepared a list of fan created ages. The GoMa needs something where they could easily see all the ages and their inspection status. That information is spread through the forum and difficult for new maintainers to get a sense of overall status.

I thought this type of information was a great thing to place in a wiki. So, I created the first pages in the GOMa wiki. Dot improved them and reorganized the wiki’s home page. Now finding things is easier. Erik made some improvements and is adding an RSS feed to automatically update the wiki. Xindhus made a table of the list so that it looks much more organized and is easier to read and had places for thumbnails.

You can find the new list on the GoMa Wiki : Myst-Uru Fan Ages List

Adding some biographical information for each of the writers is one item we hope the community will help with. Descriptions (none spoiler) is another we hope fans will help with.

Aclugs Age List

There is another list of ages kept by Aclugs. The GoMa list is for different purposes than the aclugs list and while containing much of the same information will also contain inspection priorities and inspection status for the maintainers. See Aclugs Myst-Uru Fan Age List for Drizzle/UAM.

Ancient City’s Age List

This list provides direct download information and links. This list is for those that need to manually download an age for whatever purpose. See Ancient City’s Myst-Uru Fan Age List

How to visit the Ages

For now these ages are only usable in stand-alone mode using Myst Complete Chronicles or Path of The Shell using a tool called Drizzle. The install is a bit geeky and while more complex than most installs it is nothing to fear. The instructions can be found on the GoMa wiki. For GoMa see Playing Myst-Uru Fan Ages

Myst-Uru Guild of Writers forum and wiki has information about using Drizzle too. They refer one to aclugs for instructions on using Drizzle. But GoW is a good place to ask questions and get help. See Aclugs Drizzle Instructions.

Have fun exploring.

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