Tower from Hall of Wonders

Tower from Hall of Wonders

New World Notes (NWN) tipped me off to an IBM build that Bettina Tizzy found. The NWN post has an image of it that is very Escher looking. Reading her story Hall of Wonders I found that she discovered it in a sandbox, the IBM sandbox, which is unique in its own right. As of Sunday, the tower was still in the sandbox. (IBM 6) I did not find the stairs shown in Bettina’s photo.

IBMs Interesting Stuff

IBM's Interesting Stuff

Interesting Places… thse sandboxes… did you ever think of sandboxes as places to explore? I know one can find lots of amazing things in sandboxes. I often am looking for a sandbox with some room for me to work or just fleeing a persistent griefer and visit several before settling on one. There are often amazing things in them. Everything from newbies trying to figure out how to complete their anatomy to the cutting edge new toys can be found in a sandbox.

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