The PushButton Game Engine™

Tech, tech, tech and more tech… its freaking everywhere. Today I just came across another game engine, open source (MIT License) that makes it easy for anyone to make their own games. Seems New World Notes is on top of everything.

This engine rides on Adobe Labs’ Flash engine, which you likely already have installed on your computer. Since it is Flash the graphics are probably going to be cartoonish. The Pushbutton engine™ is being developed by seasoned game developers. They are unleashing some amazing tools. Their business model is unique for a game engine development company. Give away the engine and sell the professional plugins. Plus one step more. Anyone can write plugins. They will be sold through the Pushbutton company with Pushbutton taking a 30% cut. This is another way for people to make money with games.

This is another engine that runs inside a web browser. It is currently in Beta testing. It made its showing at the Game Developers’ Conference.

Visit their site: Pushbutton Engine

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