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Updated 2010-09-04

I think many of us were expecting something like this. Jessica Lyon is heading up a team to build a TPV (Third Party Viewer). The name… Phoenix Viewer… ok… it is not that novel but it certainly is appropriate. See the announcement here:  From the ashes….

The new team currently consists of; Dakun Flux, Dimentox Travanti, Jessica Lyon, Kitty Barnett, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Wickman Gibbs. We are told more are to come.

They have a web site up, incomplete… very incomplete. One can get a copy of the Phoenix Viewer ( there now.  I downloaded my copy. This viewer is based on the Emerald Viewer code and that on Snowgobe 1.5. Their plan is to move quickly to the Snowstorm code base, which is the SLV2 code base and the future of SL viewers. We may yet get a good interface for SLV2 improvements.

They have the code posted for review. Links from the web site.


The viewer installs in a Phoenix folder and creates its own icons. It defaults to the Second Life cache, I recommend you change the cache location before logging in. Edit -> Preferences -> Network. I suggest;


I wish these viewers would just use their own cache.

The file llkdu.dll (1,175,522 bytes) is used but there is no emkdu.dll. That is good. The SLV2.1.1 version of the llkdu.dll is 712,704 bytes, yesterdays Snowstorm viewer has an llkdu.dll that is 999,424 bytes, and the Display Name Project Viewer’s llkdu.dll is 712,704. So, I have no idea where this KDU version comes from, but it is way larger than most of the KDU files out there. That has to raise some questions in the wake of  Emeraldgate. CORRECTION: Beezle points out in comments that this llkdu.dll is from Snowglobe.

Phoenix Viewer

New Phoenix Dialog

On opening Preferences you’ll see a user interface with a different appearance. So, the team has done some work on this viewer. I’ve seen some small interface mistakes here and there. Not surprising in a quick change and release.

My CPU immediately pegs at 100% when I start the viewer. Even before I logon the viewer is sluggish, taking seconds to respond to clicks or typing ID/password and holding the CPU at 100%. My resource meter shows 20 threads running and 98% of my CPU devoted to Phoenix. Lots of disk and network activity at logon, which is to be expected.

Unfortunately the viewer went right into Not Responding. I crashed out and tried again. I repeated the process a couple of times. Once after clearing the cache. I tried again after swapping llkdu.dll files, which seems to have helped a little.

Others using other viewers have reported similar problems and issues with being able to login. Whatever, I mostly can’t get past “Your clothing is still downloading…” I tried several work-arounds. Changing the llkdu.dll made the most improvement. No joy.

Update: I downloaded a new copy of the viewer today. This one is optimized for SSE CPU’s (newer CPU’s). The viewer no longer pegs my CPU at 100%. My system is running at 30 to 35 FPS. Also, there is a fix file for those that are crashing on viewer launch. Visit the main download page and get your new copy of Phoenix. See: Phoenix Viewer Beta Downloads

Changing the window size by dragging still drives my Phoenix viewer into Not Responding. If I give it a couple of minutes, it sometimes recovers… sometime not.

The in-world support group is: Phoenix Viewer Support.

9 thoughts on “Out of Emerald’s Ashes… Phoenix Viewer

  1. actually there are no kdu’s being used. It might show up in some installs. If it does it’s a rogue dll. To check and see if you are using openjep, llkdu or emkdu, go to help and about and you will see which version the viewer is using.

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  3. Well this is posting here a little late but Phoenix Viewer does not use any form of KDU period, The Code to even access kdu in general doesnt exist in the viewer itself anymore as it was removed. All TPV’s will need to follow suite if i am not mistaken as well. So while the file is there in some early installs it shouldnt be in future ones

  4. having same difficulty with phoenix reponsiveness horrible phoenix needs a new beta now this one is nothing but a bug i tried to contact phoenix support i cant log in seems phoenix practices lindens principal of not allowing complaints blame it on users.

    ohh well here we go again

    • I see a lot of people having problems with Phoenix. That could be because so many people use it. Phoenix has support people in-world. Join their group and ask questions or for help. There is always ‘someone’, if not a support person, that will help.

      The Phoenix forum and wiki are good places to find answers too. They are putting a lot of effort into the wiki. Lots of instruction on features and troubleshooting processes.

  5. Need help please.

    I can’t get my av to rezz. It’s a cloud. Everything else i see fine.

    1-cleared my cache
    2- rebooted my laptop

    Strange thing is i tried my alt on the same laptop and it rezzes fine.

    Then i tried sl2 and i can rez on that too.

    I have to get back on Phoenix, please help me

    • You need to read the articles here on how to fix the problem. Use the Search box on this page and search on ghost and then inventory. Also Phoenix has a wiki with lots of troubleshooting information specific to Phoenix.

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