Obduction vs Uru Live

…are time. Uru open source is a hobby. Things move very slowly. Along comes Obduction! Now Obduction is funded, a good thing. But, this may well mean that Cyan has less time to work on Uru Live. Or it may not affect their available time at all. After all Obduction is going to be an 8 to 5 work project. So spare time may remain the same. At Cyan there’s a lot of excitement about Obduction. I think the ‘excitement’ is going to take more time away fro… Continue reading

OBDUCTION Getting Near Release

…. Obduction Release Game Tyrant has an article about their experience with OBDUCTION at the Cyan offices. See: Exclusive: We Played OBDUCTION, the Spiritual Successor to MYST and it is Brilliant. That Spiritual Successor idea apparently comes from TV Tropes. I suspect Cyan will copy what they consider their winning strategy in the Myst series. I do believe that is probably an accurate label to hang on OBDUCTION. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IN… Continue reading

Obduction System Requirements

…not. The minimum hardware requirements are pretty high. See: Cyan Worlds’ Obduction July Release. Obduction – Cyan Worlds There is enough of a commotion about hardware the Cyan Worlds peeps have posted: Obduction VS. Hardware. Mike Dogherra explains his experience with the game. He doesn’t address the Oculus Rift aspect, which I think is why we see such high specs. While I could be wrong, I think much of this is about Cyan covering their butts an… Continue reading


…ndle. Steam Activation Activation Receipt Activated and in my game Library Obduction in the Catalog The Steam Promo Once activated the game is in your Library as Obduction. Now install it to you computer by playing it. Estimated download time 4 hours… per Steam. This is going to vary depending on your connection speed and the load at Steam. I have a 30-50Mbps download speed. It took 30± minutes. It looks like I averaged 3MBps (24Mbps). Disk space… Continue reading

Cyan Worlds Obduction 2014-44

…the Obduction game… or can be. A previous hint… An email I received says: Obduction has already begun! We’re not talking about the Kickstarter campaign, or even the game production – the actual gameplay has started. They go on to explain what that means. I am told those around for the initial roll out of Myst-Uru Online that its startup was similar. There were lots of Alternate Reality hints spread around the RL world. I doubt we will see RL bill… Continue reading

Cyan Worlds’ Obduction July Release

…s of games. A couple of years ago they started a Kickstarter project named Obduction. Obduction will be the first PLAYABLE VR game released. I think the definition of playable is probably the key to that statement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsWHoOKa24E Previously planned to release in June this year, a number of reasons came together to move Cyan to shift the release date to July 26, 2016. Click the Kickstarter link above for the reasons. Th… Continue reading

Obduction in the News

…Cyan and Obduction are showing up in the news more often. Eurogamer.net has an interesting article: Myst connection: The rise, fall and resurrection of Cyan. The story about Cyan, Myst, and Uru isn’t told quite as I remember it. It is encouraging to hear Obduction is moving toward console gaming…. Continue reading