Second Life Project Viewer version

…the settings change. Nice, easy, quick. I love it. Next page links below… Avatar Complexity Setting – this new feature is in this version of the viewer and is described as: For many users, the most expensive part of rendering a Second Life scene is rendering the avatars around you. For some time, the viewer has had a measurement [ARC or Draw Weight] of how much each avatar around you is affecting your performance; this viewer introduces some cont… Continue reading

Avatar Complexity Update Week 37

…a new tool to hopefully induce people to reduce avatar generated lag; the Avatar Complexity Rating. I’ve written about it before and I am trying to play with the Project Quick Graphics Viewer version, which adds avatar complexity settings and notices. Complexity KB Value The notice that appears in the upper right of the screen just after login tells you your avatar complexity number. I suggested that it be colored, green good and red… Continue reading

#SL News Week 21

…that can be removed when one joins the head, upper, and lower parts of the avatar. Whoever made the avatar for the Lab is no longer around. So, most of the Lindens have no idea about any details of the avatar. STORM-1800 is the most informative JIRA item about some of the problems in the current avatar we hope to fix. Another JIRA issue about the avatar is VWR-3432 – Improve Avatar Mesh. This one would like to simply redo the avatar and shape cont… Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer 4.7.9-50527 Released

…ng with memory use and crashing. Avatar Complexity The Linden viewer added Avatar Complexity Information (ACI) a couple of versions back. Now Firestorm adds the feature. I expect Firestorm’s to be better. But, I won’t know for some time. I did learn that the Firestorm version of ACI normal, full, and don’t render an avatar persists across logins. Not something that is in the Linden viewer. One has to select those avatars each session. The idea is… Continue reading

How is Avatar Complexity Doing?

…So, more and more people are noticing the pop up messages generated by the Avatar Complexity feature. Merchants are starting to respond to the feature also. I suspect for now that concern is anticipatory rather than reactive. Never Stop Dreaming I have always suspected the majority of Second Life™ users have a level of concern about the amount of lag they add to the system and take some steps to reduce it. Of course most of us want to avoid lag. A… Continue reading

Avatar Render Cost 2015-07

…n avatar is rendered as a simple impostor (0 to not use this limit). RenderAvatarComplexityLimit – default off – -1. Max visual complexity of avatars in a scene. RenderAvatarLODFactor – default on – 0.5. Controls level of detail of avatars (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail) RenderAvatarMaxVisible – default on – 12. Maximum number of avatars to display at any one time [before using imposters]. RenderAvatarPhysicsLO… Continue reading

Second Life: Third Party Viewer UG 2016 w38

…by calculation from various viewers. So, different ACI values for the same avatar from different users and for the same avatar showing large differences, <=5k, are of interest to the Lindens. They would like to track down the reason. If you see them report them, JIRA. Whirly of course has an instance of just such a case. See: BUG-37642 – ACI randomly changes (often at login or following a TP). It isn’t hard to reproduce the problem once you find a… Continue reading

Second Life’s Jelly Babies – BUG?

…an Max Complexity were causing the avatars to render as jelly babies. See: Avatar Complexity Update Week 37. Whirly Fizzle thinks it is a bug causing their jelly baby appearance. It could be a bug. It may also be that Avatar Impostures are rendering as jelly babies in this version of the viewer, probably not. Or it could be avatars that exceed the default anti-griefer limits controlled by other settings. Whether it is one of those or not, the BUG-… Continue reading