Myst-Uru Update 2014

OOC stuff as far as my ages and DIRT and MOULa development stuff will go: OOC DIRT Blog – OOC Dev Twitter – DIRT – Uru Live Facebook – OOC Blog – And IC stuff IC Blog – IC Twitter – There are over a dozen sites reporting happenings in the Myst community. The cent… Continue reading

Myst-Uru Guilds IC and OOC Part-IV

…L. Now they have questions on how to best organize. They have the previous OOC guilds to look at, their SL experiences and have decided to try some ideas out. Now the experiment is in progress. Guilds are providing services and classes and students are signing up. I will say I think asking for help in clearly defined terms and having narrow goals seems to work very well for those wanting to achieve something in the Uru fan community. In both of th… Continue reading

Second Life Viewer Tips + Firestorm

…ical offset of the nearby chat toasts. FSOOCPostfix (FS) – Postfix to mark OOC chat. FSOOCPrefix (FS) – Prefix to mark OOC chat. FSParticleChat (FS) – Speak Particle Info on channel 9000. FSPaymentInfoInChat (FS) – If true, L$ balance changes will be shown in nearby chat instead of toasts. FSReportMutedGroupChat (FS) – Reports to nearby chat if a group chat has been muted. FSSecondsinChatTimestamps (FS) – Show seconds in chat timestamps, in the ch… Continue reading

The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part I

…the historical D’ni guilds of IC storyline and the Reformed Guilds (IC and OOC) of the current day. I think of the combination of these as the Myst Online or MO Guilds in which I include most of the new guilds like Fine Artists. One of other segments I divide the guilds into is the Trans-Virtual World Guilds or may be Refugee Guilds. These would be the Myst-Uru guilds we find in other virtual world MMO’s, i.e., THERE, SL, GW, etc. Within those the… Continue reading

Dolphin Viewer Released-Review

…n’t much use. Role Play This version of Dolphin Viewer gets the Auto-Close OOC patch. Camera Control Henri Beauchamp’s feature to completely disable camera restrains has been added. This also removes the camera collision so you can move the camera inside things. Download & Install Download is easy… Dolphin Viewer 2 Download – for whatever reason my download was slow. Dolphin Viewer 2 (DV2) installs in its own folder. So, you can have both 1.5 and… Continue reading