Obduction vs Uru Live

Obviously the Obduction Kickstarter project is an exciting thing for me. The game Uru Live is also a favorite of mine. I think this leaves Obduction and Uru Live fans wondering how Uru Live will be affected by Obduction. I certainly wonder. So, I want to take a look at a few of the factors that I think are going to affect Uru Live. Uru Live – @2004 Image Obduction With 40+ hours left (US$1,168,159) when I started writing the ObductionContinue reading

OBDUCTION Getting Near Release

If you are a long time reader, you know I came from the Myst gaming community. I am a big fan of Myst Online: Uru Live. Cyan Worlds the maker of Uru has been working on a new game for a couple of years: OBDUCTION. Obduction Release Game Tyrant has an article about their experience with OBDUCTION at the Cyan offices. See: Exclusive: We Played OBDUCTION, the Spiritual Successor to MYST and it is Brilliant. That Spiritual Successor idea apparently… Continue reading

Obduction System Requirements

The discussion over on the Myst and Obduction forums is about whether most of the people will need a new computer or not. The minimum hardware requirements are pretty high. See: Cyan Worlds’ Obduction July Release. Obduction – Cyan Worlds There is enough of a commotion about hardware the Cyan Worlds peeps have posted: Obduction VS. Hardware. Mike Dogherra explains his experience with the game. He doesn’t address the Oculus Rift aspect,… Continue reading


Today is the day. If you are a kickstart supporter you should be getting an email with the download instructions. I got mine today. Click the enclosed link to Humble Bundle then choose Steam or GoG. I went with Steam. If you haven’t used Steam for a time, I haven’t, their directions aren’t that easy. Obduction Delivered Where is Steam’s download? The menu path is Top Menu: Games->Activate a Product. Enter the key given at Humble Bundle…. Continue reading

Cyan Worlds Obduction 2014-44

Every so often Cyan is giving us an update on their new game. In less than two weeks the Kickstarter project has funded $628k of the targeted $1,100k. During that time we’ve now got eight updates on the project. The eighth update tells us we are already playing the Obduction game… or can be. A previous hint… An email I received says: Obduction has already begun! We’re not talking about the Kickstarter campaign, or even the game production… Continue reading

Cyan Worlds’ Obduction July Release

Cyan Worlds is the maker of the Myst series of games. A couple of years ago they started a Kickstarter project named Obduction. Obduction will be the first PLAYABLE VR game released. I think the definition of playable is probably the key to that statement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsWHoOKa24E Previously planned to release in June this year, a number of reasons came together to move Cyan to shift the release date to July 26, 2016. Click… Continue reading

Obduction in the News

…Cyan and Obduction are showing up in the news more often. Eurogamer.net has an interesting article: Myst connection: The rise, fall and resurrection of Cyan. The story about Cyan, Myst, and Uru isn’t told quite as I remember it. It is encouraging to hear Obduction is moving toward console gaming…. Continue reading