Magic Leap – Google’s World?

…ng… all sounds very familiar. You can follow Magic Leap, Inc. on Twitter, #MagicLeap. This is the company where the investment money is going. Their open positions/people wanted is impressive. Richard Taylor, co-founder of Weta Workshop, best known for its works on the Lord of the Rings films, and now on Magic Leap’s board, says about Magic Leap’s technology, “What [Magic Leap CEO] Rony [Abovitz] and the Magic Leap team have created is nothing sho… Continue reading

Second Life 2013 in Review

…ting. Both the LEAP Motion people and the Lindens are wanting to integrate LEAP Motion and Second Life viewer. The LEAP Motion people were looking for third-party developers to help them. At the time the Lindens did not have people available to work with the project. The new Voice code was creating some problems. In some cases the speaker was unintelligible to the listeners. At the time the Lindens were looking for people that can reproduce the pr… Continue reading

Ebbe Altberg Interview

…Stone face… changing skeletons… input devices to control avatar… 1:31:15 – LEAP Motion discussion. Ebbe says it is not there yet. Someone needs to do some middleware for it… LEAP 2.0 much better than 1.0 but, still not ready for prime time. I agree. 1:33:00 – Using SL Go. Ebbe, says it is a good solution. Good performance. Saffia relates a good user case. 1:35:11 – closing & thanks. Summary We learn a lot about what is coming for SL2 and a bit abo… Continue reading

Second Life Tier – Again?

…t was lifted when the Lab instituted Direct Delivery and did away with the Magic Boxes. I no longer need land where I can stash my Magic Box. I’ve always thought this change would reduce the demand for land. I can’t prove that is so. But, it seems to me that it is and we are seeing some measure of this change impacting land sales in Second Life. My belief is that since I can reach customers without having to pay tier, I don’t need to pay it. I sti… Continue reading

Drax Radio Hour #46

…email. 14:30 ± Magic Leap – Old news but new explanations. My coverage of Magic Leap in past articles. 17:30 ± Monty Linden – Explains CDN, the content delivery network. Old news but a good technical explanation by Monty. Followed by good questions from Drax. If you are a non-technical user, this is a good section to listen to for some understanding of what it does for you. My coverage of Second Life CDN from the past year. 26:00 ± Net Neutrality… Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2018 w/41

…… they do offer a 0% interest purchase plan. Still… ouch. See Road to VR’s Magic Leap One Now Shipping Across Contiguous US, Offering 0% Financing. Linden Realms Returns, But Where the #@&! Is Magellan? – Seams the Lab has new adventures out. The most important movie you’ve never heard of: GOSNELL – This movie is out. Read Michelle’s review. Whether Pro ‘Life’ or ‘Choice’ the movie will shock you. Rated PG, I suppose meaning no gore. Released to t… Continue reading

Who is Winning the Virtual Reality Race?

…Munster says, “some of the better positioned private companies [are] Magic Leap, Next VR, Jauant VR, Leap Motion, OTOY, Matterport, Linden Lab, and Valve.” (Emphasis mine) Munster and financial people think Apple, Facebook, and Google are the big plays. I am not sure playing those has as much possibility as some others. But, I do think they are the safer bets. If Linden Lab can pull off development of a great virtual world hosting system, they sta… Continue reading