…It’s official now. Oskar announced it for Falcon… see the official post here: Keyframing now available on ADITI. The function name is confusing. Falcon posted late Monday that he was thinking of changing the function name to: llSetKeyframedMotion, which would probably be a good idea. If you follow the blog you’ve already read about this function, so I won’t rehash it here. If not, check out the llSetKeyFramedAnimation related articles.  … Continue reading

Second Life Server News Week 37

…atar should be doing. You can find the rough documentation in the wiki as: llSetKeyframedAnimation(). The feature should soon be working in two ADITI regions. Check out the wiki and look at llSetKeyframedAnimation()’s TALK page. Falcon said he would post when the regions are running the function. If you play with the new function and find a bug, include the function name in the JIRA issue title. Summing It Up I have two meetings mixed together her… Continue reading

#Second Life Server Update Week 38

…to the Facebook App Engine. SL will remain 3D. llSetKeyframedAnimation See llSetKeyframedAnimation. (Be sure you look at the discussion page too) This feature was discussed and open testing announced last week. Falcon was hoping to get it live in a couple of ADITI regions last week. As best I can tell that did not happen. There are now two ADITI regions with the feature active. Visit: “Sandbox – Bispinor” and “Sandbox – Weapons testing“. The wiki… Continue reading

Second Life Server Tidbits

…confusion. The probable name is: llSetKeyframedMotion. Falcon Linden says llSetKeyframedAnimation uses infinite acceleration, but constant velocity. Anyone right clicking an object using llSetKeyframedAnimation will freeze. That may not get fixed before roll out. Havok 2011.2 Falcon says SL is getting the Havok 2011.2 physics engine. It’s already out on some ADITI regions including Ahern and Chief. Falcon is going to try and get Kapor and Rosedal… Continue reading