Second Life 2013 in Review

I’ve found it interesting to look back to see what has happened in Second Life™ during the past year. In 2012 I did that and published: Looking Back at Second Life 2012 . A much shorter version of that is: 2012 – The Short List . In the sidebar I have an Archive selector. You can select any month to find articles within a specific month. I also try to make use of WordPress categories and tags. Each article has a section that shows published… Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-42

Viewer Status Second Life™ Viewer 3.6.8 (282367) Oct 14 is a hot fix release for an ATI driver incompatibility problem. The Release Candidates will be getting updated with this change too. Interest List Richard Linden says the project is coming to an end and viewer side source code is out. TPV Dev’s are looking at it. The changes have NOT been through QA and are NOT ready for release. But, at least TPV Dev’s can see what they will need to… Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-40

Another third party Viewer meeting and some more interesting news. TPV Meeting 2013-40 Viewer Pipeline The Lindens have promoted the Maintenance RC viewer to the main release. That makes the main viewer 3.6.7-281793. You can see the release notes here. This release has improvements for avatar render speed and other fixes and improvements. Most notable are: Automatic avatar render limit and feedback system rendering optimizations avatar render… Continue reading


Various blogs are commenting on Linden Lab’s® response to Pres. Trumps Executive Order requiring additional vetting of all people coming from 7 countries identified be Pres. Obama as not having governments capable of providing background checks of their citizens. Most are supporting the Lab’s statement; Linden Lab Officially Condemns Trump’s Anti-Muslim Refugee Policy Lab speaks out on US Administration’s Immigration Policy Linden Lab… Continue reading

Looking Back at Second Life 2012

The Linden Blog has a new article this month titled: A Look Back at Improvements to Second Life in 2012 and Forward to 2013. It is worth the read, but it is pretty small. Having written 568 posts this year I thought it was a little light. So, I decided to look back over the year. I had no idea how much work I was getting into. This article is the result of my look back at 2012. I have uploaded the WORD (docx) file I used to compose the article…. Continue reading

Myst-Uru-SL Updates

The GoMa Wiki Most Myst-Uru-SL fans know that Myst for the iPhone was released. Also a new trouble ticket and knowledge base was opened by Cyan. Also, Cyan joined the Twitter world. Another Myst Style build is going up in the SL region Devokan. Eder D’Uru guild meetings officially started last week and D’ni language and building classes have been and are being taught in Eder D’Uru. But do you know the names of the fan created… Continue reading

#SL Group Edit Update Week 34

Baker Linden got us some new information this week in the Server-Scripting UG on the fix for Large Group Editing Problems. For the last two months he has been trying to solve the problem of getting large data sets to transfer reliably via the current API (application programming interface) running over UDP (an Internet protocol – think of it as a spoken language), which is the protocol all viewers use now to get group member lists. It is… Continue reading

Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial

Update: 1/2014 – See: Fitted Mesh Base Avatar Files for an update on available files for use in clothes making. Update: 11/2013 – Fitted Mesh, previously the Alternate method or Liquid Mesh, is now the approved method for making mesh clothes that conform to the avatar’s shape. See: Fitted Mesh. UPDATE: 6-25-2012 – Things may drastically change. See: Alternative to the Deformer. 4/2013 – Several designers are using… Continue reading