Second Life 2013 in Review

…channel, week 14.This package was to fix problems with some objects not rendering. Early in April we saw more prims that failed to render unless clicked on. It turned out this problem is a viewer side issue with the Interest List. In week 15 we got word that Interest List II was starting to wind its way through QA & RC. The new AO functions roll out to RC channels. A Beta Viewer became available in week 14. For information on the new… Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-42

…they use too much memory. They are working on that now. Since over use of memory can lead to texture thrashing experiencing thrashing should see less of that. Soon we will see updates to the Wiki describing the new Interest List process. The Interest List process is a complex mix of the server and viewer updating the render process. There are currently problems with keeping scripted and sound emitting items updated. Richard says they have done… Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-40

…ust banned/ejected. I suppose that will eventually get fixed. While dating to the server in working on the code to handle banning people Baker fixed some other bugs to be found. One of those is removing people from your mute list or block list. Now when you remove them they will actually be removed. There has also been a problem where people have been putting spaces before their Display Name. Baker’s fixed it so that’s no longer possible. In the… Continue reading


…uate information, within 30 days of the date of this order. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall provide a copy of the report to the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence. They started with Obama’s list of countries. But, obviously, the list may change. So, everyone crying about other countries that were the home of known terrorists not being on the list are way premature. Those saying those not on this list are off… Continue reading

Looking Back at Second Life 2012

…ollada for Second Life in Blender. The first week of January saw a hardware failure trash a roll out and bring Second Life to its knees. Through the rest of the month we saw rolls succeeding. Scripting was seeing revision of List functions that gave us better performance. Most List functions were in testing through January. Advanced Creator Tools aka Experience Tools were just a hot rumor. Direct Delivery went into Beta testing January 10. By… Continue reading

Myst-Uru-SL Updates

…the aclugs list and while containing much of the same information will also contain inspection priorities and inspection status for the maintainers. See Aclugs Myst-Uru Fan Age List for Drizzle/UAM. Ancient City’s Age List This list provides direct download information and links. This list is for those that need to manually download an age for whatever purpose. See Ancient City’s Myst-Uru Fan Age List How to visit the Ages For now… Continue reading

#SL Group Edit Update Week 34

…All these unknowns are why the Lindens don’t give out ETA dates. But progress is being made and I can provide my guesses on ETA. Initially there will be some rough spots. For instance, it takes some time for the larger group lists to download. A 40k member list produces about 5+mb of data. That can take from query to list load completion on the viewer side a couple of minutes or more. One needs a progress indicator of some kind. That indicator… Continue reading

Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial

…ertex Groups. To the right of the Vertex Group name list are the controls you need (B). They are: Plus – Creates new groups. Minus – Deletes groups. Black Triangle – Open options menu. Up & Down Arrow – Arrange the list. Click the PLUS to create a new group. Just below the group list is an input field (C) where you can type in the new group’s name. Add: mFootLeft and mFootRight. Spelling is important. This file is now ready to use for… Continue reading