Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial

Update: 1/2014 – See: Fitted Mesh Base Avatar Files for an update on available files for use in clothes making. Update: 11/2013 – Fitted Mesh, previously the Alternate method or Liquid Mesh, is now the approved method for making mesh clothes that conform to the avatar’s shape. See: Fitted Mesh. UPDATE: 6-25-2012 – Things may drastically change. See: Alternative to the Deformer. 4/2013 – Several designers are using the alternative methods now. Lin… Continue reading

Second Life 2013 in Review

I’ve found it interesting to look back to see what has happened in Second Life™ during the past year. In 2012 I did that and published: Looking Back at Second Life 2012. A much shorter version of that is: 2012 – The Short List. In the sidebar I have an Archive selector. You can select any month to find articles within a specific month. I also try to make use of WordPress categories and tags. Each article has a section that shows published date, c… Continue reading

Looking Back at Second Life 2012

The Linden Blog has a new article this month titled: A Look Back at Improvements to Second Life in 2012 and Forward to 2013. It is worth the read, but it is pretty small. Having written 568 posts this year I thought it was a little light. So, I decided to look back over the year. I had no idea how much work I was getting into. This article is the result of my look back at 2012. I have uploaded the WORD (docx) file I used to compose the article. I… Continue reading

Second Life News 2013-29 #2

Dagger Faulkwing alerted me to a change in the RC roll outs. Maestro posted a change on the 16th about 3:30 PM PDT. It seems they will place the SSA package on the Magnum channel as originally planned rather than leave it on the Le Tigre channel. It was originally planned to move the SSA package to the larger Magnum channel (2,454 – Le Tigre: 1,431). Using a larger channel would give the Lindens more information on how the SSA servers are handlin… Continue reading

How To get a Faster Second Life

Several people in the forums are asking how to get better Frames per Second rates and why their computer is so slow running SL. Several are asking about upgrading their computer for Christmas or getting a new one. So, I decided to write a HOW TO specific to Second Life so I could avoid repetitive forum posts… Speed Hump? – Image by TheDarkThing – Flickr Even if you never want to open the computer’s case, this information will help you know what t… Continue reading

Open Source Office Hour 2015 week 10

Home, done for now…and blogged about it! by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr I seldom make it to the Open Source User Group meeting these days. Today I did today. I don’t have time to write the meeting up. But, there is some interesting information. So, I’ll post the raw log as Oz Linden doesn’t post his meeting chat logs. While I would like it if he did, there are way better things he can do with his time. Raw chat log – click + to open: Chat L… Continue reading

Second Life Clean Install

UPDATED: March 2015. There are a number of tutorials and “How To’s” for doing a clean install of Second Life Viewers. Several viewers have their own instructions in their wiki or forum. I’ve read through a bunch of them. In general they seem to be written by a one-viewer user with some minor concessions to the possibility one may be using more than one viewer. I’ve had over 15 viewers simultaneously installed and working. I’ve also had things hor… Continue reading

Second Life Viewer Tips + Firestorm

I’ve been attempting to do more video/machinima in Second Life™. I also make tutorials from time to time that can be improved by the use of video. And just the other day read Jo Yardley’s Comparing the official Second Life viewer with Firestorm. While reading I realized both she and I need to know more about our alternate viewers. She uses the Firestorm viewer as her main viewer. I tend to use the SL Viewer more than Firestorm. I am switching bac… Continue reading