Second Life News 2018 w12


The main channel gets a restart but no update. It remains on version #, which rolled out the end of February.

My region restarted 3/13, so it hasn’t restarted this week, at least as of 11:30 Am SLT.

Steel Magnolia

Steel Magnolia

Blue Steel will update to # Internal fixes…

Le Tigre and Magnum update to # Internal fixes, logging to help diagnose an issue with in-world HTTP servers returning HTTP 503 (BUG-214702), adds a new capability to request IMs that were delivered to the requesting agent while the agent was offline, and adds a new capability to request the most up to date list of abuse report categories.

These ‘adds’ will require a viewer that can use them. Which I assume is somewhere in the QA pipeline.

Mazidox Linden added a note to the Deploy announcement.

On Region Restarts:

Regions will be restarted if they have been running for more than 14 days on Tuesday (Main Channel) and Wednesday (RCs) regardless of whether or not new code is being deployed, for the general health and well being [sic] of the Simulators.  Nothing beats turning it off and then on again … once in a while.

As always, please plan events around these maintenance windows.  However, if you are hosting an event on Tuesday or Wednesday when we’re not deploying new code, you can restart your region ahead of time to avoid interruption.

No new information on the server updates from the Server-Scripting UG meeting.  Simon did mention they are looking at the messaging layer… we users tend to think of it as the viewer to server communication.

So, the Ping time in the face of high Packet Loss is a problem. The retry timing goes up way too fast. Also, motion prediction for avatars is a problem and will be tweaked.


The main viewer is version Released week #10.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Codename: Ouzo. Released 3/14, last week.

  • This version has 52 fixes and improvements. Those interesting me:
  • One of the fixes is the display of Unicode Characters in the Display Name. I’m not sure if this means more characters can be used for fancy Display Names. I do know that fancy Display Names are a problem for many of the scripted items in SL and annoy a bunch of people.
  • A Back button has been added to profiles. Appearance now has a ‘Wear Only this Outfit’ selection. I’m not at all sure of the purpose. I mean it is clear. But, we need it, why?
  • Particles emitted by muted avatars will no longer show up in your viewer. Certain login errors caused the message ‘Your account will not be available until…’ to display misleading users, fixed.

Second Life Media Update Viewer version – Last updated in week #11.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #11.

I thought a Bakes-On project viewer came out of QA. But, I don’t see it.

Other Viewers

Some of the viewer developers are moving to Discord for development and announcements. Discord does not show up in my Feedly. Zapier makes some kind of connection but I haven’t sorted it out.

If a developer does not have an RSS feed then Feedly misses it and I only catch it if I see an announcement in-world. So, catching updates of some viewers is more work and requires more time than I want to put in.

Some developers are now sort of selling updates and announcements about updates. You get them if you have provided a Patreon donation. I sell advertising to pay for my hosting.

Black Dragon has had a couple of updates. Now version 3.0.7, aka Dark Dragon. Changes.

Cool VL Viewer updated 3/17 to version

RLV last updated 11/2017, version

Singularity last updated 4 weeks ago, Alpha build 6989.

Other News

Ebbe has been out there this week… well videos of him have popped this week. I have a couple in my blog.

Love Trill over at Fabulously Free in SL is writing about the difference between Applier and Mesh lingerie. See Clover. She mentions Applier lingerie being flat. She is right. But, it does not have to LOOK flat. Using materials, it can look like it has depth. It is an illusion. So, it still fits under clothes and is literally flat.

I am seeing more designers using materials. Some lingerie designers are using materials. So, you don’t have to have ONLY flat Applier lingerie.

Men Only Monthly is an event for… yes, men. I am seeing more events for men, which is a good thing. I prefer better-dressed men. (location URL) It runs until 4/15.

Plurk, a blog or two, and the SL Forum have had threads about meshists, like racists. Propaganda is conditioning people to be more and more fascist without their realizing it. So, you are not to have a preference for avatars using mesh… Some clubs are putting up signs with a sort of avatar code… like a dress code. Basically, look good or stay out.

We have whole regions that have avatar codes. Once this was just a prohibition on furries. Now it is a concern for classic avatar users…

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