The Move

I am mostly moved into my new place, boxes still everywhere and it seems whatever I need at the moment is in a box at the bottom of a stack. But, the Internet is up and while AT&T’ U-verse is only 3mb/sec here, Second Life runs with no apparent loss of performance.

I'm Back - By: Christopher Sessums - Flickr

I’m Back – By: Christopher Sessums – Flickr

California’s weather decided to imitate Florida’s. So, 80-90F (32C) with 80-90% humidity and showers the last day of the move. Friends helped but I am still sore from lifting and carrying and tired. We partied Friday night.

I crushed my 7 month old S4 phone during the move. :/ So, I was totally without tech for a day. That was an expensive mistake/accident. But, I got a new S5, which is supposed to have a better camera. I did NOT like the S4’s camera. I haven’t decided if the S5’s is better, yet.

Now, to get unpacked and do some catching up on Second Life.

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