Second Life 2013 in Review


(28+ Articles) – In week 49 a fix for detecting when an avatar was crouching was rolled to an RC channel. For a few more details and some links see: Second Life News 2013-49.

The subject of ‘Tier is too damn high.’ came up again. I wrote about 1500 words on that subject. See: Second Life Tier – Again?

On December 5th Voidpointer Linden announced that Linden Lab’s Oculus Rift integration to the viewer was feature complete. See: Breaking Oculus news.

In week 49 in 50 we only saw small packages rolled to the server RC channels. Weeks 51, 52, and 2014’s week one are no change windows. There will be no server updates in that period.

In week 49 we also found out that Drax Dupree will be starting a podcast radio show January 2014. See: Drax Files Radio.

In week 49 we also found out some more about the AIS-3 Inventory API. For bit more information and a link to technically detailed information see: Second Life News 2014-49 #4. In the article I included information about the code libraries.

In week 50 Oz Linden gave us some stats on Materials used in Second Life. The numbers are; about 10% of avatars have a Materials enabled something and 50% of regions have at least one Materials enabled object in them.

In week 51 Second Life entered a no change window.


Doing an annual review like this is a lot of work. I have to decide what to put in and what to leave out. And with 508 articles published this year lots of stuff got left out. But, I think I have hit the major points.

If you want information on any of the subjects, look at the article’s category and tags for links to more articles on the same subject.

To make the article more useful I’ve included a link to a PDF of the Word document: Second Life 2013 in Review. The document is, of course, machine searchable.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “Second Life 2013 in Review

  1. Fantastic Summery condensing the whole year. Linden Lab truly were busy this year. For me the materials feature is my favourite feature of the year but I have acknowledge the year long efforts to improve the grid.

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